Day 2- The meaning behind your Tumblr  WORDPRESS name


Day 2 -Your Crush


Part 1

The meaning behind my wordpress name traces back to when the dinosaurs roamed. I met a lumpy triceratops whom I befriended rather quickly and I named him Tater Tot. One day, a group of wild cavemen ventured to my hillside and barbarically ripped apart little Tater Tot, breaking my heart. I then named myself KorTOTni in loving memory of my dino friend.

I apologize for that horrible story.

My friend Ashley nicknamed me that one day. I thought it was fitting since “Kortni” was already taken for a username.

Part 2

A letter to my crush:

Hello, Nipsy.

I don’t want to embarass you so I won’t write much.

Jag älskar dig.

Love, Kortni