So what do you think of this picture? I think of the day that Ashley and I were on the phone and I mentioned my adoration for radishes. Ashley then promptly commented “Sexy radish.”  Since then, I am called sexy radish.

That day was today. And that happened about twenty minutes ago.

I am currently waiting for my Sims game to load… 69 percent… hehehe…

Anyways, I’ll be going now.



In terms of time, the loading is at 76 percent.

I just remembered how earlier I was prentending to be a guy in a kilt at Ashley’s club. I said, “Well, arn’t you going to invite me in?” to which she replied a blatent NO.

I then said, “I’m coming in anyway,” and Ashley replied, “That’s what she said!”

Now normally this would be a normal thing for Ashley to say, seeing as her mind is usually steeping in the waxiest of gutters. But this one represented a friggin’ RAPE scene. WTF?!!?!