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Oh my God

Shnowman Army.



Ladies and Gentlemen, what you are looking at is heaven in sugar form.

This is an omen.

So I’m innocently searching up Dead Baby Jokes on  Facebook when I find that the group I would like to join has 666, the devil’s number, for the amount of members.

A coincidence? I think not.

Oh… Dear Lord…

This is one of the scariest advertisements Ive ever seen

This is one of the scariest advertisements I've ever seen

Innocently surfing the web, I found myself on Myspace. In the sidebar, I saw the ad above.

Why in the name the dear LORD would you put that on MYSPACE?!?! WHY!? There are CHILDREN. CHILDREN ON THIS WEBSITE.

Enter your name and age to find out who the hell is STALKING you. Because that will make everything better. Mhmm.

This is the one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen on the internet, and I’ve seen some sick, sick things.



So what do you think of this picture? I think of the day that Ashley and I were on the phone and I mentioned my adoration for radishes. Ashley then promptly commented “Sexy radish.”  Since then, I am called sexy radish.

That day was today. And that happened about twenty minutes ago.

I am currently waiting for my Sims game to load… 69 percent… hehehe…

Anyways, I’ll be going now.



In terms of time, the loading is at 76 percent.

I just remembered how earlier I was prentending to be a guy in a kilt at Ashley’s club. I said, “Well, arn’t you going to invite me in?” to which she replied a blatent NO.

I then said, “I’m coming in anyway,” and Ashley replied, “That’s what she said!”

Now normally this would be a normal thing for Ashley to say, seeing as her mind is usually steeping in the waxiest of gutters. But this one represented a friggin’ RAPE scene. WTF?!!?!



Spunk Ransom

“Hot” (NOT)  Twilight Guy





*dances in sheer jubilation*

I am so happy, I could cry.


I hereby award whoever beat him up, a basket of baby bunnies as a token of my appreciation.

Thank you! *sniff*

Thank you! *sniff*

Goddamn men and thier plans!