Today in Biology, we were instructed to make food webs, or food chains. I was sitting at my lab station with a blank paper, trying to think of an interesting food chain to create. I glanced to my left. A girl was drawing an african food chain complete with girraffes and lions (etc.) that were so horribly drawn that they were hilarious. I complemented her work and glanced to my right. A boy was sketching out his food web. I’m still not entirely sure what the habitat was. The animals were ok looking, until I saw a lion-man creature. I was so fascinated.

I took a trip around the room and found people making the same, un-creative food chains. BOOORING!

Actually, I found one other girl in my class who had made an awesome food web. At the top, everlooking the entire biome, was a sun with a face. Next to the sun read “Man-eater. YUM!” Underneathe that was a giant bacteria, butterflies, cats and other various, yet awesome, animals. We chatted for a bit and she told me of her dreams of having a dinosaur in it. She told the teacher that her favorite animal was a dinosaur, to which my teacher replied, “Dinosaurs arn’t around. They don’t count.”   Oh, how inspirational! I argued that my favorite animal was a unicorn and she told me that fantasy animals don’t count either, breaking my heart and shattering my dreams.

I think this picture is appropriate for my broken heart.

Anyway, I ventured back to my table after my little adventure to the other side of the room and drew my food web, which looked identical to this:

I believe that my food chain is the only accurate one out there.