Are you freaking serious? Why? Why?!?                                   <– Look out Kiddies.

Once you get past the disgustingness of a fat guy shoving a jar up his ass, it is actually quite hilarious. The video shows a random naked dude who sits on a jar. The jar explodes in his ass and he proceeds to stick his fingers up to retrieve the broken glass shards. Keep in mind that he’s bleeding a ton.

What’s he just go, “Hey I’m bored, I’m gonna sit on a jar. That’ll be fun. That’ll ease my boredom. Oh, look, it’s my old video camara. I think I’ll tape myself using a jar as an anal plug and pollute the young minds of america everywhere. Haha I’m just too cool.”

Does this guy have any life AT ALL?! He obviously has no friends. What would happen if you made a video like that and your friends saw it? It would be so awkward all the time. Kids. This is what happens when you do drugs. Or suffer from extreme loneliness. Or are just really really bored.

I found responses to this on youtube and decided to check it out. It’s not the worst I’ve seen. The BME Pain Olympics were pretty bad. A guys just hacks up his slim jim. I laughed the entire time. Especially when he pops out his balls.

2 Girls 1 Cup is just nauseating. *shivers* Two asian girls like, devour poop and throw up into eachothers mouths. Yeah…

Tubgirl is just hilarious.

I’ve seen a couple variations of 2 Girls 1 Cup, (Like, 3 Girls 2 Cups or something like that) when I just got fed up with all these people and thier cups.

There’s apparently a nazi decapitation video out there, as well as a slovakian murder video in which a poor guy gets his eyes gouged out. That’s like 3 Guys 1 Hammer. But I’m too chicken to watch something like that. Maybe I’ll watch it with a buddy. Ashley is too scared. She can’t even watch 60 seconds of Saw or she’ll throw up haha.

Yeah so this is pretty much a rant about nothing important.