My bestie Ashley and I were discussing the wonders of the badonkadonk when we thought: What exactly is a badonkadonk? What is it’s signifigance? What does this mean to the human population?

We did some research.

A definition on and it said as follows:

An expression for an extremely curvaceous female behind. Women who possess this feature usually have a small waist that violently explodes into a round and juicy posterior (e.g., 34c, 24, 38). Other characteristics would be moderately wide hips and a large amount of booty cleavage (i.e, depth of butt-crack).
First of all, ew. This was obviously written by a guy who tried to make the definition sound less obvious that a man infact wrote it. One word: Fail.
Second of all, this word is far too epic for such a definition.
Google revealed far more about the mysteries of the badonkadonk.
From my findings, I have found discoveries ranging from this:












To this:

Your eyes do not decieve you. That is indeed a cow.

From the gathered findings, I have concluded that the fabled badonkadonk really has no meaning. It is a free roaming word, not bound by a resticting definition. It floats from meaning to meaning, only depending on you percieve it.

After finding out the true identity of badonkadonk, or lack therof, Ashley and I decided to honor the badonkadonk by creating our own versions, mutations, and stem-offs of the word.

  • BadonkaDouglas
  • BadonkaDingus
  • BadonkaDong
  • BadonkaDink
  • Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk
  • BadonkaDAAAMMMN!
  • BadonkaJesus
  • Badonkapocalypse
  • BadonkaWombat
  • BadonkaBoyardee
  • BadonkaDonkey
  • BadonkaJamima
  • BadonkaDildo
  • BadonkaPops
  • BadonkaMole
  • Badonkanaconda
  • Bandonka.
  • BadonkaCondom
  • Bandonkarreah
  • Badonkalicious
  • BadonkaDip
  • Badonkadonkadong
  • Badungabun
  • Badonka-dada-dada-daaah I’m lovin’ it.

The badonkadonk lives on.